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The Prayer that Reaches Heaven!

Do you pray enough? That question leaves all of us most likely thinking no, not really, not enough.

Prayer is often an untapped resource. We know, we have heard, and we believe….that Prayer links our needs with Gods abundant provision!
I pray and so do you. And I am sure there have been times when you feel if you opened your eyes you would see the Lord! Other times it seems our prayers never make it past the ceiling fans.
Does prayer make a difference…yes!If prayer is, and it is… an incredible force for good why is it sometimes our last resort?Perhaps because it is not something you can see, you can’t hold prayer, prayer is not tangible.

When we find ourselves in a tight spot, it is so very easy to take inventory of our assets, be it savings account, connections, experience, friendships. Why not prayer?
I am not suggesting that we never think to pray, but that often, to often, we don’t always immediately, upon hearing of distressing news… see prayer as our most vital asset! It should b…