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A Reminder of Our Hope!

Perhaps today you are feeling the blues. A heavy heart, a sense of foreboding. Are you feeling spiritually dry? The press of loneliness, desperation, fear, job uncertainty, or one of a million other things we endure in this life?
Maybe you’re facing an unwelcome diagnosis, and a gloomy prognosis. I feel compelled to remind you to remember that while outwardly we feel our mortality, inside there is an ongoing change, a metamorphosis! It's one of those divine paradoxes that Christians must embrace with the accumulation of years. 

The body that houses our soul, breaks down. However the soul (The Real You) that is a temporary resident in the body, is being renewed!
You see, something from the moment of your initial encounter with The Lord Jesus Christ, has been going on within you. You are being directed, He is, navigating your steps, in such a way, that change is in process! I liked the way Dr. Joel Gregory put it:
*You can measure the authenticity and depth of your spiritual life by thi…