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Time Travel!

I have a sappy confession to make. One of my all-time favorite movies is based on the Richard Matheson's, 1975 novel “Bid Time Return”. It’s about a playwright named Richard Collier, (The Late Christopher Reeves) who journeys back in time from 1979-1912 to fall in love with Elise McKenna. (Jane Seymour).
The movie is set back in time on Michigan's, Mackinac (Pronounced Machinaw) Island, located on Lake Huron (500 residents, 15,000 visitors per day!) complete with period costumes and a moving musical score by the famous Russian Pianist Rachmaninoff….
Time travel is an interesting proposition. Who of us wouldn’t want to go back to some specific event or time in our lives to alter something, to spend more time with someone, to relive a moment in time, now etched in memory?
I believe that heaven will afford us many spectacular experiences. Perhaps we will be able to stand on the shore of the Red-sea as Moses lifts up a staff, and God parts the water as easily as parting a child'…