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Fanatic- noun a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.
I sometimes wonder what casual Face Book friends must think of a Christian’s zeal, and seemingly constant posts, that include scriptures and reminders of what Jesus means to them.
Are we wild eyed Fanatics, overcome with Religion, fixated on things not always seen? Are we so heavenly minded we are no earthly good? I am not sure of what some may think, but I know what I think when I see Christian posts. They get it!
Somewhere, someplace they and (I) were confronted with sin, and its consequences. In the midst of that feeling of hopelessness, the Lord Jesus Christ extended a nail scared hand, offered redemption, and a brand new life!
In that initial encounter with Him, sin was forgiven, purpose and meaning were provided, and to be judgement day honest, I want everyone to know Him, because I simply cannot imagine navigating through this life without His strong hand, gui…

When Life Cuts!

Anguish, fear, uncertainty robs of us of much needed vitality. We look out from eyes brimming with tears because of a recent life experience and the candle of faith begins to flicker, and deep down were convinced it might all together blow out. The dying light, leaving us to embrace further unwelcomed darkness. 

A wonderful Scottish preacher named Alexander McLaren once said: “Despondency (Depression) has a knack of picking its facts”
I think he meant that life often has so sharp of edges that we believe the cuts will never heal properly, if ever!
King David certainly felt that way, he rose to fame as a young giant killer, eventually becoming the King of Israel. His family life was horrific, he had a child out of wedlock, by doing so, he forced a trusted friend to the front lines of an epic battle to be killed, in the hopes of disguising his infidelity with that same trusted warriors wife!
In Psalm three he is enduring the immense pressure of his son’s betrayal. The Psalm is linked to 2 …