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Thoughts on turning 50!

Fifty...five decades!  How?  Why, so fast?  I have been alive for fifty years!  I don’t feel it. I know I look it, and sometimes looking in the mirror I wonder….who is the old guy?   
I first noticed that I was getting older when men, older than me, would call me sir!  They were respectful, kind, but strange somehow, I thought to address me as sir, I should have been calling them sir….but they beat me to it, hmmm... faster thought process?
 I walked into my 20th High School reunion, and immediately walked out concluding that I was in the wrong room, the people in there could not have been the friends of my youth…but they were, and I walked back in.
Oh I don’t mind getting old, after all as someone said “It is a privilege denied to many”
I often think now, have I contributed, have I made any significant difference at all. Have I helped people along the way?

Has it been good that I have been here 50 years?
I suppose that is for others to decide, and I have found the people that have lin…

The Road Unseen!

Living in Wyoming, I have developed an entirely new appreciation for respecting road conditions…and for the many people who promise and do pray for you when you travel.   
Just this past Saturday Laura and I were driving back to Green River from an awesome trip to Ogden Utah. 
The roads were fine, but a 15 car pileup had left I 80 closed.  By the time we arrived to that closed section, it had gone from bad to worse…leaving many people stranded and scrambling for hotels in Evanston, Wyoming. Gassing up, I struck up a conversation with a man pumping diesel into his white pickup.  Remember, “White Pickup” it’s an important part of this story. 
He told me he was from Kemmerer, and knew how to get there another way.  I thought to myself, you can get to Green River via Kemmerer!  
He began to tell me the way to go…I lost Him after He said you go…down here, turn left….follow 89 toward Yellowstone, head to Randolph….you get the idea. I interrupted with this statement: “I don’t know how to …

The Place called Heaven!

Heaven is a beautiful place, filled with Glory and Grace...I want to see my Saviors face, because Heaven is a beautiful place! 

I taught that song to my boys when they were very small. 

The reality of a place called heaven looms larger now in my life than perhaps any other time. I can say with all sincerity I am homesick for that place. I of course have never been there, and yet I feel an upward tug, a pull that I can’t shake. It’s something I wouldn’t shake if I could!

"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."C.S. Lewis

I am not being morbid on this Monday, even though Mondays are often tough days for me. Why you ask? The buildup of the week, the excitement of Sunday, bringing Gods Word to His people, then wondering “Did I do all I could, and was the Gospel clearly presented”?

I know of no other calling in the World where the eternal state and stake of human beings hangs…

This place we call home!

I love our country. To begin to list the many and varied reasons would take more than one blog. I love our freedom, perhaps the most.

Because the world is shrinking  (thanks to technology) any unrest anywhere is instantly known. Problems in Egypt.... we are aware of it before some Egyptians are! 
I am reminded, that the World is a dangerous place, and not everyone experiences freedom, as we do.

I know we have are own set of issues, real problems that will take more than human brilliance to solve.

Don't you think it's time to just stop, and be thankful for what we do have, what we do enjoy?

I know things, seemingly are always going up, be it the cost of electricity, College tuition, utilities or our weight. Yet, there is something to be said about just enjoying, what we have... even for one brief moment.

Yesterday during the pre-kickoff of the Superbowl the declaration of Independence was read by famous football players, standing with other Americans. In that regard (…