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The day my Dad taught me how to be a Father!

It’s a welcomed memory every time it surfaces in my conscious mind. The years melt away and I am a teenager again. Fall is in the air, and I am suited up playing football. I am actually in the game, not standing on the sidelines as all to frequently was my athletic experience :)

I want you to know, this is not a wishful thought that has a few aspects of reality, no what I am about to tell you really did happen and the comfort that the incident has provided through out my life when remembered , always brings a smile to my face.

The year 1974 or 75 ,the place a football stadium in Hendersonville North Carolina. Our middle school the “Rugby Raiders” were playing the Hendersonville middle school. Not sure if we were winning or if we won at all, what's more is that the outcome, is so insignificant, for what happened that day!

Our family had relocated to North Carolina from Colorado, my mom (Always so giving of herself) was making all of $2.00 and hour with a 39 cent raise after a few mont…