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Looking Ahead!

I am the kind of person who seems to be always looking ahead, to what life offers, what awaits out there somewhere.  In fact my mom says that is a quality that I share with my dad, who has been with the Lord coming up on thirty one years.  

She still refers to me as her dreamer. It’s intended as a compliment, because by definition as it related to my dad, and now relates to me….it is simply a deep desire to set goals, to realize that life passes quickly, and before we know it opportunities that once beckoned, called to us….slowly begin to fade.  Granted in the Lord Jesus Christ, life is ever new, and it… 

“Is never too late to become what you have always wanted to be”

That said, the longer we postpone our goals be it for more education, or acquiring a skill that we at the moment do not have, while we wait to begin, we are making withdraws from the bank account of life and time.  

The time is now for your dreams, don’t wait!

I well remember a Dear Abby advice column question from some year…

Hugs from Heaven!

That’s how someone described notes that we receive that lift our hearts, that place smiles on our faces. I like notes! I value notes. I keep notes! Notes are all around me right now as I type this…OK I will count all the notes, that I have received that I can see in my office ready...30!

Thirty notes that sit on oak bookshelves as reminders to me, that on a day, someone was kind enough to write me. Thirty hugs! 

I read once that a person needs five hugs a day to be emotionally healthy!  How many notes do you think we need?  I doubt any research has been done on that….but I know this a hand written note may seem old fashioned, but not to the one reading them! 
As a Pastor from time to time (And I need to make more time for it) I write our members to let them know how much they mean to me.

I am a firm believer that we should give people “Roses while they are alive” Words from kind hearts….have a potency about them, they can remind of hope, of possibilities of potential….and of the Lords awa…

Cuties and a kid named Brodie!

For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right. (Psalm 84:11). 

    He often bursts into  my office with a typical Hello Pastor! Brodie is a high energy kid, who lights up a room simply by walking in….walking is a bit to sedate a word,  Brodie, doesn’t walk...he rumbles!

He is a Wyoming spit-fire, full of life! He is all of Seven years old and I just love being around him. He often shows me his latest matchbook car or transformer...or boots!

I watched him once in a Worship service as a drama unfolded. A girl sitting near him (Girls don’t sit next to him, other than His Mom) dropped her Barbie Doll….on the floor in front of him. 

Brodie is a gentleman; Brodie is the kind of kid who should always wear a white hat….you know the kind, they grow up to be the kind of people you look to when you need help.

He was torn….do I break “Boy Protocol” to help this damsel? Should I …..touch a Barbie?  As this …


Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys. Emma Bull

Life is 70 or so years of randomness, where life just happens to fall in what is perceived to be orderly, directed…scripted events!

  But that is all an illusion….. the people we meet, the places we live, the experiences we have are all by chance, no plan behind our lives….we are born, we grow up, we enter into a profession of some kind….a myriad of relationships frame our existence…then we inevitably  bow to, submit if you will,  to the biological progression of our own mortality.  

Someone or many some-ones say so nice things about us, we are eulogized, and mourned for a season and our life is simply consumed into the vast nothingness’ of the universe. 

There will be no reunion, life ceases to exist! Your life my life is forever covered by the sands of time!

Some people actually believe that!
    It's the atheist who has to believe that almost all the people who have ever lived have been seriously …