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My Once in a Lifetime

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious thanjewels. Proverbs 31:10
It’s not our anniversary today, that is still a month away. For some reason I feel a need, deep within to celebrate the most amazing woman in my life, my beautiful wife Laura.
The first time my eyes met hers she was angry! And so was I! Her brother Dale was throwing crab apples at my brothers’ legs. I had walked down three doors, to let him have it!
It was 1976 and I suppose in the absence of Play Station, “Crab Appling” a 8 year olds legs was the game of the moment!
She told me “Leave my brother alone” I told her “tell your brother to quit throwing crap apples at my brother’s legs!” She did, and I thought to myself that blue eyed angry 16 year old blonde, sure is good looking!
We became friends, and this is the part where if she was writing this, she would insert, I often sought her advice on how to get girls to like me!

Little did we know how God would take that friendship in directions and dimensions tha…