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Are you living Out Loud?

I have been blessed with many wonderful friends in my life's journey. What is a friend? Someone defined a friend as "Someone who rushes in, when the whole world steps out".I like that!

Erma Bombeck said "A Friend is someone who does not go on a diet when your fat"! I thank God for my many friends Ha Ha!

I was reminded this week by a true and great friend about the importance of "Living out Loud". His reminder challenged me, it will challenge you. The question is what does "Living out Loud" mean really"?

I believe it means making the most of our brief time on this earth by living a vibrant life for the Lord Jesus Christ!

"Being like Him, in all things, in this world of all places".
OK so...what does that mean?

This week I learned that two awesome teenage girls took the time to visit a lady in her 80's leaving behind not only cookies....but a warm and caring act of kindness that made a difference! They were simply o…

I miss her most on Fridays!

In honor and memory of my sister
Michelle 1969-2009

I miss her most on Fridays when the week has set like the sun and days of leisure beckon like a sunrise.

I miss her most on Fridays when a call would set in motion the activities of Friday Night and she would be there

I miss her laughter, her warmth, her smile

I miss her walking in and filling the room with light and love and hugs

I miss looking into green eyes that knew everything about me, and never looked away

I miss her turn of a phrase and acute life observations that would leave you doubled over with laughter and gratitude that God placed in your life such real and rare talent!

I miss late night talks when she would listen to my dreams and I hers...and the moments were magical somehow.

I miss watching her touch life after life that passed by her own, with the utmost grace and kindness.

I miss her most on Fridays, and when my time on this spinning globe is concluded, I have this request of God...let me go to be with her ...on a Friday!


People Need the Lord!

As I remember it, it was a typical Saturday in rural Naples, North Carolina. How wrong I was! As a teenager living with my family in our modest home, I remember a knock on the door that Saturday.

The ones doing the knocking (A Pastor and his son) were from the Calvary Baptist Church, in Hendersonville North Carolina. They had a bus ministry and on that Saturday they "just happened" (what some people call coincidence, we know is the will of God) to knock on our door.

Because of their mission heart, and invitation, my brother and sister and I began riding the church bus week by week to the church, where we heard the Word of God preached!

I must confess I was more motivated by the candy they would give you if you attended!

Little did I know that their kindness would set in motion my personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ
, and sow seeds of truth in my brother and sister's life that would one day have eternal results...mainly their own conversion to the "Way, the…