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In the living of life, we are often so focused on goals and objectives…where we hope to go…where we want to go, that we neglect to celebrate the moments that happen to us, after all life is really moments one after another. I have always been a goal orientated person, and I believe we should aim high…
“There are no limits but the sky”

In the climb…we must not forget the journey!

I am thinking today about some of the moments that have lingered…and became a part of me.

This week I will celebrate 29 years of marriage to my beautiful bride Laura…I remember when friendship turned to love…and it burns brighter now, more than ever.

The memory of Holding my sons….lifting them to heaven and saying to them the words from roots... “Behold the only thing greater than yourself"

I remember the many and unique ways God has directed my life….the jobs, the education the calling on my life, to serve Him!

I am thinking of the brother and sister who were sitting on a curb eating ice cream, I s…

Worth the Wait!

 I met him for the first time on a blistering hot summer day, in August. I had looked forward to meeting him, for a lifetime.  In fact I suppose the thought of actually meeting him, knowing him...started as far back as the mid 1970's.

The anticipation was heightened by the passing of years. I often thought to myself just when will that day come?

There was a span of time when the reality of meeting him...seemed distant, and perhaps impossible. I allowed a thought to at times make it's way into my mind...maybe,  I would never  have the opportunity to actually look him in the eyes, to experience a long awaited...long prayed for encounter.

But summer 1986 came, and with it...the beginning of a deep and abiding relationship!

That 5th day of August 1986, at the All Saint's Episcopal Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas I met him! 

I met, I held... my first born son, Brian for the first time!

Words are simply a desperately inadequate vehicle, to carry to anyone reading this,  my feeling…