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What Makes for a Super Sunday?

There is a game that’s about to be played in the valley of the sun. The attention of Americans, more than 100 million most likely, will be directed there. Two teams that overcame brutal schedules, and the media glare will at last play a game that determined who is the best in their respective field for this year, here in the United States.
I don’t understand why they call it the World Championship when most of the world plays soccer! Also as someone rightly observed “If the Super bowl is the ultimate game, then why do they play it every year”.
Now lest you think I don’t like football or will not watch, I will. I mean after all I have a football background too! I was a solid second string linebacker and guard for my high school team, that went to the state playoffs, “Go Wasson T-birds”, and there were not a few times that our starters got the score up so high, I actually played!
In seminary I was the quarterback for our intramural flag football team “Skandalon” a Greek name meaning the …

The Denver Broncos, Andre Crouch, and what really matters!

It is interesting to me that a football game, or another game of some sort, can leave many of us briefly out of sorts, if the result is anything other than what we hope for.
Insert Denver Bronco playoff loss here!
Someone said in our modern football games you have 22 men in desperate need of rest, and 75,000 fans in desperate need of exercise!
As I am typing this the beautiful song by Andre Crouch (Who just went to be with the Lord, on January 8) “My Tribute” is playing. Hearing it just now has provided needed perspective on this Monday afternoon! That was the first song I ever sung on radio, in the fall of 1979, in Alamosa, Colorado. His heartfelt words of Praise remind us what really matters. 

In the 35 years since that fledgling vocal attempt, I have seen countless blessings in my life given to me, by the tender hands of my Sovereign Lord! 

The love of a godly woman, three sons, and the grand and humbling privilege to bring God's Word to His people week by week! 
When it comes to spor…