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Grand Canyon Expereince!

Today Laura and I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time! How do you describe something so spectacular so majestic that at first glance your breathless? The day started with a 60 mile trip by train from Williams, Arizona to the canyon. 

The anticipation was building with every slow mile the train accomplished. At last, we arrived, immediately getting on board a tour bus Laura wisely booked, that saved us miles of walking, delivering us to viewpoints throughout the park. When we finally disembarked and made our way to the viewing areas, we were speechless. 

The Glory of God on full earthly beauty! We enjoyed the train trip back, even experiencing a train robbery! It is cool tonight in Arizona, and my heart is full to have spent time in a place that clearly displays God's majesty! Laura is already asleep finding rest easy, after this full day  I will soon join her, resting in God's goodness for a day, we will never forget!