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There's something about people who love the Lord!

What an incredible understatement!The something, is in fact a someone, really "The One" who animates the lives of those whom He loves, and whom are loved by Him.

You can see it in their eyes, the way they look for opportunities to help, the cards they send, the smiles they offer freely!

I suppose other groups experience camaraderie, and a feeling of togetherness.

However, there is just "Something" so wonderful about people who have offered their lives, to the one who gave them life in the first place!

I am not suggesting it's always that way, and when it is not, it isn't because the Lord does not desire humility, and mutual's just at times the people we used to be, are the people we act that moment there is an uneasiness...that only gives way when sin is confessed and hearts are refreshed and filled, with the love of God.

Non-believers simply are at times quite critical when a life is given to the Lord. There will be people in you…

Unrealized Expectation!

*An interesting cartoon shows a fourth-grade boy standing toe-to-toe and nose-to-nose with his teacher. Behind them there is a blackboard covered with math problems the boy hasn't finished. With rare perception the boy says, "I'm not an underachiever, you're an overexpecter!"  *Today in the Word, MBI, April, 1990, p. 30

In Matthew 21: 18-22, Matthew a redeemed Tax collector (Yes it is possible) recalls a story that happened in the last week of the life of Jesus.
The story at first reading seems odd, out of place somehow. Our Lord experiences an "Unrealized Expectaion" resulting in His cursing a fig tree!

If not properly understood, His action seems to be "cruel" as one skeptic opined:

"Cursing a fig tree for not bearing fruit in March is not unlike kicking a dog because it can not speak English thereby punishing it for the inability to do the impossible”
Here is how Matthew records the event:
In the morning, as he was returning to the c…