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Imagine being stranded!

If you were stranded, if you could select your destination, where would you choose? How about the Keebler Elf Cookie factory? I wouldn’t mind….and if I had a gallon of milk in hand, I would be set!

Hershey, Pennsylvania would be great!

 I wouldn’t cry if I was locked in overnight at Mardels Christian bookstore….provided I had a flashlight!

What if stranded did not include cookies or books…what if stranded meant a remote location… I am not thinking of Wyoming…how about a deserted island?

No movies stars or professors…just you and one study Bible! Okay, Okay three study Bibles…and plenty of water and food, and shelter. Rescue would be a year away.

Which three study Bibles would you want?

I would want, in order:

1. The MacArthur Study Bible

2. The Nelson Study Bible

3. The ESV Study Bible.

Why? MacArthur? He is serious about God’s Word, he is a Scholar in the first order; the study notes are outstanding, and his theology (Understanding Doctrine, the teaching…

A Matter of Perspective!

His name was Mike. He was 48 years old a carpenter by trade, out of work out of money but… and he emphasized this, he was…not out of hope. He had been hitchhiking from the Yellowstone area. It had taken him 9 days to catch enough rides to make it to Green River. He was tired, he was hungry and now he was looking at me.

I am a part of the Travelers aid ministry that assists people who are traveling through and have limited to no resources. I asked Mike how much money he had on him, he replied 6 cents!

He wanted; he needed a room, for the night. I hesitated because funding for travelers aid is often tight and especially so in the summer. Not to mention some “Travelers” are professionals who refuse to work …who by their own choice amble across the country subsisting off the generosity of hard working people!

Mike was not a “Professional Traveler” he just needed a friend.

I talked about knowing Jesus; he assured me he did….and that’s why he was not lonely…why he was not without hope.

Bucket List!

My favorite quarterback, John Elway, just turned 50, He is 6 months older than me, two time Super-bowl champion, hall of famer…holds numerous records…most fourth quarter comebacks etc! In a recent article in the Denver Post…He was talking about his own mortality.

With luck and hard work, I've achieved a lot in my life so far, but I've still got a lot more I want to do," Elway told The Denver Post in a lengthy conversation at Elway's restaurant in Cherry Creek.

Elway's bucket list includes playing the bad guy in a cowboy movie, driving a stock car on a local track, biking the Ride The Rockies, traveling to Italy again (where he proposed to his wife of 10 months, Paige), playing in a seniors golf tournament, visiting the historic World War II beach site at Normandy, watching his four children graduate from college (the oldest has earned a master's degree, and the other three are attending different universities), doing dozens of new business deals, growing the re…