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Where’s my Daddy?

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father! (Romans 8:15).
    Braving the mall at Christmas is a necessary task if you’re to find just the right gift for a certain someone.  Close parking spots are at a premium. Long lines and lingering customers await your arrival.  Have you noticed how people tend to linger in the place that you want to linger? 

A fundamental axiom of physics is that no two masses can occupy the same space at the same time!
Meaning that the certain gizmo you’re thinking about buying for your Uncle Sylvester can’t be observed, if someone won’t move out of your way! 

The Mall at Christmas time is…an obstacle course, only to be braved, by courageous souls, who are compelled by love, to endure… to purchase!
Just today (Tuesday) I ventured into the Rock Springs mall. I was on a mission, to find several things that would make my wife of 30+ year’s smile. I believe …

Are there Angels in the Denver Bronco’s Backfield?

The recent success of the Denver Broncos has become a national sensation.Come back victories last second heroics, heartstopping finishes and a humble Christ honoring quarterback, Tim Tebow.... have made these winter months, warmer for me, and for millions who are enjoying the ride!

 Last night the game against the Chicago Bears for all stated purposes was over…it wasn’t! 
A veteran Chicago running back ran out of bounds, (That kind of mistake almost never happens at this level) giving the Broncos precious time to mount a comeback.  That same running back, in overtime inexplicably fumbled, on the way for perhaps a touchdown, or for sure, incredible field position and an easy field goal for the Chicago Bear win. 

That error gave the Broncos the ball back in overtime for a chance to win which they did with a Matt Prater 51 yard field goal!
It was one of the most thrilling exciting games I have ever seen. The before mentioned quarterback, had me off the couch and on my knees watching the impr…

Bonanza, Gun smoke and a lady named Laverne!

I am blessed to live in a relatively small town of around 12,000.  We have six traffic lights; one however is so long (our minister of youth calls it the light of eternity) that it makes up for others we don’t have. We are limited in restaurant choices, and other options found in larger towns. We have one post office and this time of year it’s a busy place. 

A few days ago I was standing in a slow moving line at the post office. My phone rang out loud clear and disruptive, breaking the relative silence of people waiting to take care of their postal needs.  

Being an ardent Bonanza fan (Television Western that ran from 1959-1972) my ring tone is the musical theme (Provided for your listening pleasure at the end of this blog) from that show. Before answering my phone, I decided to poll everyone in the post office…and asked (In a loud kind of preacher voice) name that tune!

It was a good question because almost everyone in that post office at that moment I surmised, based on my sudden obser…