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The Greatest Man I ever met!

Today, while walking with Laura I began talking about a dear friend. As we walked along it dawned on me that he went to be with the Lord 12 years ago today! 

Coincidence? Hardly! It was a reminder straight from heaven that while I was thinking of him, some how he knew, and prompted me to begin the walk down memory lane:)

The following tribute was written and presented at my dear friend Rick Epler’s home going celebration service, following his epic battle with leukemia.

 My incredible I miss you!
This is what I said  12 summers ago:

Of course were going to miss him! Miss him for the duration of our own lives. Memories warm and vibrant will tug at our hearts reminding us of the great privilege that was ours to have known him, to be loved by him.
How could I have known that when the screen door at 104 South Garo opened back in 1976, letting in my brother Mike, and his new friend Rick, that he would do more, much more than walk in our home, but our hearts, forever?
Strange isn’t i…